Dr Melissa Weakland MD

Dr Jonathan Bell ND

Ram and Bee Wellness was created to foster a community which promotes

physical and emotional wellness through lessons which inspire joy and spirituality.

Our experience as primary care physicians has taught us that such a community can promote greater health and wellness even when dealing with disease and suffering by allowing individuals to build resilience and relationships to support them in times of need.

We're focusing on resilience--the ability we see in everyone to find health even while facing illness. 

To us, the Ram in our name embodies this resilience and strength, while the Bee represents balancing joy and whimsy with drive and productivity. We believe these traits are the components of a healthy life, and we aspire to promote them through our wellness center.

We're creating a space to accentuate playfulness, joy, and magic and fosters the best in each of us.

Every day in our work we are inspired and awed by the strength and caring of our community. 
We know the beauty and the good of the world are potent forces and we want to see each of you tap into them, to help balance the hard and painful work of illness, stress and disease.

For more information about our medical practice, you can find us at ballarddocs.com.


In our increasingly corporate world, we see our space as our contribution to a more local grassroots based community. By doing so, we hope to create a space of healing and joy in which close personal relationships can be formed. To that end, the Ram and Bee Wellness Center remains a constantly growing and evolving space, adapting to meet its community's needs.

To do so, we need your help. Your help can come by simply taking a class, telling your friends about us or giving a small monetary donation.  We are also always looking for talented new instructors to lead classes or workshops.

We are working to build an invaluable tool for our community, and to be successful, we need our community to work with us. You can reach us at hello@ramandbeewellness.com


7701 15th Ave NW
Seattle, King County 98117

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